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Maze, Nyx and My Happy Place! – Harmony Dog Park & Conservation in Oshawa

Maze, Nyx and My Happy Place! – Harmony Dog Park & Conservation in Oshawa

Harmony Dog Park is our home away from home. This is one of the BEST places you can take your dog. The park is amazing and the volunteers who run the park are even more amazing.

Map of Harmony Dog Park

The off leash dog park is part of a bigger provincial park. Their website summaries it perfectly, “Harmony Valley Dog Park is an off-leash park with 25+ acres of open fields, water features and walking trails where you and your dog have the chance to socialize with dogs and other owners. There is one fenced in area in the Harmony Dog Park.”

The volunteer base is incredible, ODAWG, who is responsible for all of the cleanliness, the bags provided and the garages emptied regularly. One of their fundraisers is a calendar with all of your furry friends in it -guaranteed. You make your donation payment and the professional photographer takes the picture; of course we had to have Nyx and Maze in the calendar.

ODAWG Calendar with Maze & Nyx
ODAWG Calendar with Maze & Nyx

When you arrive at the park (entrance is off Grandview not Harmony!) there are tons of free parking which wraps around a baseball field used by visitors to play ball with their dog (but for the record is suppose to be a leashed area).

At the entrance is a community board and poo bags for everyone to be prepared!

This path, which is leash free, leads to the fenced in play area. This place has a picnic table and a bench and lots of shade. If you continue down this path to the bridge you will head up the hill to the open play area.

It is fantastic, it is so large you can have several different packs of dogs playing at once. I find if there is a clash of personalities with dogs (and people!) they just move to a different part of the park.

There are several different exits from this area. If you head to the far end there is a area that remembers all of our favorite furry friends that have passed away. This place is always impeccably maintained and so peaceful and quiet. There is a bench for you to sit and enjoy the spot.

From there you can follow the stream to the pond. I have labs so naturally this is a favorite spot. The locals call this pond “1910” because that is the year that is stamped on the concrete bridge. Here are some pictures heading to the pond on that path.

And here is the pond!

At the south end of the park is a lovely 2.5 km trail that follows along the stream as well. Following the water in the summer is amazing as it allows the dogs to get a drink at every whim. At the start of the trail is another open field area (there are three total) and then it heads into the forest. Here are some pictures from that end of the park.

If you start at the front area, head all the way right and follow the path on the outskirts of the park, you will arrive back at the fenced in area. This hike is about 4.3 km and you have some tired dogs.

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