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Crock A Doodle! Crafts with Your Dogs!

Crock A Doodle! Crafts with Your Dogs!

Did you know you can take your dog to Crock A Doodle? I didn’t!!! Crock A Doodle is a franchised pottery studio where you can paint a piece of pottery and then in a week, come back and pick up your master piece!

And they allow dogs!

Dog Friendly pottery - Crock-A-Doodle
Dog Friendly pottery – Crock-A-Doodle

Crock A Doodle was founded by a Canadian, Annette Brennan. This paint-it-yourself pottery studio allows you to pick your favourite piece from their shelves and start painting! The first location was in Blue Mountain resort and now have expanded to 23 locations across Canada.

We had the most amazing time at Crock A Doodle in Whitby, making a plate and a dog bowl with Maze & Nyx’s paw prints! We made a reservation for a Saturday and they 100% accommodated us. We were a little concerned about the dogs and the general public and how they would mix BUT they gave us their party room! We had the room ALL to ourselves! We were able to let the two dogs roam off-leash with the store’s blessing.

The first thing we did when we arrived was pick the pieces we wanted to paint. Each reservation is for 90 minutes so you have tons of time to paint it exactly how you want. We picked a plate and a bowl that has dog feet! So much fun!

We then picked our colours; there were solid colours and confetti colours that leave a splatter. Our daughter, Hailey was with us to help us paint. Here are some pictures!

We wanted to add each of the pups paw prints to our master pieces. The staff were so kind as to put down a couple of paper rolls on the ground for us to work with the dogs. We thought that painting their paws would be less messy then putting their paws in a pool of paint. Maze went first, we painted her paws for white paw prints on our black bowl.

We realized that actually putting their paw in the paint was much easier. Maze was very easy going but Nyx was a bit more difficult as she doesn’t like her paws touched but we did it!

And Viola!

Red paw prints for Maze (red lab) and black paw prints for Nyx (black lab). Nyx is a little squirmy, hence the smudged paw print. We had a discussion about redoing it but we realized that the smudged print could not represent Nyx more perfectly, so it stayed.

You will also see on the plate in pencil, “Roast Beast” under Maze’s prints and “Raptor” under Nyx’s prints. If you are an avid follower of our social media you will see Maze countless times in front of the fire. We say she is a roast beast when she is there, which came from the Grinch movie. Nyx is crazy, and when she was a puppy she liked to get in your face and nip at it and, for whatever reason, it reminded us of a little raptor.

The girls at Crock A Doodle were amazing with the dogs. Maze was fascinated with one of the girls who came in to use the basin.

Crock A Doodle
Crock A Doodle

We can’t thank them enough for making this outing so much for us and the dogs. They were exhausted by the time we got home. A week later we went and picked up our finished product. They turned out AMAZING!

Crock A Doodle is a great place and we will be going back again soon. I spotted a cookie jar that would be great for dog cookies!

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Suzanne Diamond

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