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Dog Friendly Eatery – The Best Beer and Food Trucks – Black Lab Brewery, Toronto, ON

Black Lab Brewery

We love our beer and breweries, especially ones that love our dogs and we have found another one –Black Lab Brewery! This brewery is named after a special black lab who just had his 13th birthday a bit ago!

Black Lab Brewery
Black Lab Brewery

What an amazing place. This place has the warmth and feel of a friendly place to meet friends for a beer. There are board games if you choose to stay and play a game or you can bring your own food and have a beer with it! There are water bowls everywhere and also dogs everywhere! This place truly does want dogs to visit. There is even a quiet hole in the wall with a cozy dog bed for the dog who just wants quiet. I would have grabbed a picture but the place was so busy!

The brewery always has something going on the weekends and when we were there we had a popup that had vegan hot dogs and hamburgers. They were so good! And of course, we had beer with it. The brewery is currently making PYNK Hibiscus Pale Ale that is made to support cancer research as a some of the proceeds goes to a cancer charity. We tried it and loved it so much we brought some home!

We also had a wonderful treat when we were there. It was Della’s birthday as she was turning two and they were having a birthday party! Everyone was so lovely and they welcomed us and our labs to join the dog birthday party!

Maze and Nyx has some yummy birthday cake and even got a parting gift!


The brewery also has a merchandise store that is wonderful with lots of gifts for dogs and humans; clothes, leashes, bandanas and even cupcake mix! A must visit when in Toronto, ON.

Suzanne Diamond
Suzanne Diamond

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