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5 Must Haves For your Dog

5 Must Haves For your Dog

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With the two dogs, we are constantly going through different products and when they don’t work we for us, we give them away or if they really don’t work, we throw them away. Here are some products that we use all the time and have received human approval and dog approval.

1. Poop Bags

Amazon Basics Scented Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip, 9 x 13 Inches, Brazilian Mango Scented – 810 Count (54 Rolls)

Let’s be real there are good poop bags and bad poop bags.

Maze's Wooden Holder

I have had friends who buy them from the discount stores and have had to use two at a time so it doesn’t feel like they are picking up the poop with their hands. These poop bags are not those! We also LOVE saving money and buying poop bags from Amazon Basics is the best place to buy them. It didn’t even dawn on me to buy them from Amazon until we were at Della’s birthday party at the Black Lab Brewery and in Maze & Nyx’s loot bag was Amazon Basic poop bags. We looked up the price and realized it was the best way to buy the bags going forward.

Poop Bags

Click here to purchase these Amazon Basics poop bags from Amazon.

2. LED Lite Collar

MASBRILL Led Dog Collar-Rechargeable Light Up Dog Collar Dog Water-Resistant Safety Lighted Dog Collar Flashing Glow Up Night Walking Collar

Safety is so important with your pets. We love these collars. We use them when we are walking around the neighborhood but they are a must if we are walking off leash after the sun goes down. We enjoy playing catch at night with them and we also use them when we take Maze & Nyx to evening events. Here is a picture with their collars on at a Christmas market.

Maze & Nyx

As you can see, Nyx being black, the collar is quite useful!!! The collars last quite a while before you have to charge them, they are adjustable and are very bright. You can have it on a straight color setting or flashing slowly or quickly.

The collars come in lots of colors:

LED Collars

Click here to purchase this collar from Amazon.

3. Dog Bowls

White Ceramic Elevated Raised Dog Bowls – Dog Food Dish with Stand – Double Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls Anti Vomiting – Pet Bowl with Anti Slip Rubber pad – Stress Free for Medium Dogs -Set of 2

When we got Maze she had a very bad case of the hiccups. Our vet suggested we raise her food bowls and her water bowl and so we did. We still have a hiccup problem with Nyx, but raising the bowls has definitely helped.

Dog Bowls

Having two dogs we did not want their bowls right beside each other, so your traditionally two bowl stands ( one bowl for water and one bowl for food) wasn’t going to work. Maze also eats a different food then Nyx so it is important that they know which bowl is theirs as Nyx knows not to eat Maze’s food (Nyx eats like a regular lab but Maze will take the entire day to eat a bowl of kibble). We purchased these raised single dog bowls. The bowl itself is ceramic and the stand is wooden. Our home is farmhouse themed so they go very well with the décor.


Click here to purchase these bowls from Amazon.

4. Spill Proof Bowl

LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl, Splash-Free Pet Slow Water Feeder Bowl, No Spill Dog Bowl, Vehicle Carried Water Bowl for Dogs Cats Pets, 1 Liter (1 Liter Grey) OUT OF STOCK!

As an alternative, which is also a best seller, we recommend:

UPSKY Dog Water Bowl Slow Water Feeder 70oz Clear Dog Bowl No Spill Pet Water Dispenser 2L Visible Water Level Slow Drinking Bowl for Dogs and Cats

We love our spill proof bowl. We use it when travelling with the dogs, overnight road trip or even on a day trip. Our black lab, Nyx is awful when she drinks water, she is one of those dogs that sticks her whole nose in the water and splashes everywhere. By the time she is done drinking, there is water all over the kitchen floor. Although this isn’t big enough to use in our kitchen it is definitely a must for the vehicle.

Spill Proof Dog Bowl

Click here to purchase this water bowl from Amazon.


PetAmi Dog Travel Bag | Airline Approved Tote Organizer with Multi-Function Pockets, Food Container Bag and Collapsible Bowl

We also LOVE our travel bag! We have pink which they do not sell anymore but they have a really neat teal and purple.

As you can see we are able to fill it up with their kibble, poop bags, treats, chews and dog toys! There is a pocket for everything! The collapsible bowls are the best!

Dog Food Bag

Click here to purchase this travel bag from Amazon.

We hope you that these items will compliment your life with your pup as they do with ours!!

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